Effect and side effects of Oxandrolone

Effect and side effects of Oxandrolone

Oxandrolone is an anabolic steroid for muscle growth that has gained popularity due to its very high anabolic activity. At the same time, the androgenic effect of the drug is low. The anabolic index of Oxandrolone is 400% of that of testosterone. At the same time, anabolic activity is only twenty-five percent. That is why oxandrolone is one of the few steroids used in women’s sports. It is effective in building muscle mass, and the muscles do not grow quickly and do not reach unimaginable sizes. Everything happens smoothly and gradually. This is what this drug is good for. Taking oxandrolone allows the athlete to control an adequate increase in muscle mass. In addition, muscle tissue thickens, becomes elastic and embossed.

Effect and side effects of Oxandrolone

Benefits of Oxandrolone and course of application

The main advantage of Oxandrolone is the lack of aromatization ability. That is, this drug does not turn into estrogens, which can provoke the appearance of such a side effect as gynecomastia.

Oxandrolone, reviews of which confirm the highest efficiency, does not cause an increase in estrogen levels and does not require the use of antiaromatase drugs.

The drug is not destroyed in the liver. However, it is able to have a weak hepatotoxic effect, which requires caution when using it. Oxandrolone or anavar is available exclusively in tablet form. The active ingredient has an effect within twelve hours, and doping tests detect it in the blood for 45 days.

The course of Oxandrolone

The course of Oxandrolone for women should also be started with a dose of 20 mg per day. Duration of application is 8 weeks. For men, the course is slightly different. Athletes who have just started using it should use 20 mg per day for 12 weeks. For some athletes, the dose is increased to 60 and even 80 mg. But this should be done gradually, following the results and passing a preliminary examination by a doctor.

The course of Oxandrolone

Effect of Oxandrolone

It is worth noting that Oxandrolone has the following features:

  • high efficiency in terms of increasing the density, relief of the muscles.
  • the use of Anavargel is accompanied by active burning of adipose tissue;
  • taking this steroid is accompanied by an increase in the level of somatotropin;
  • the strength indicators of the athlete are significantly increased.

The course of Oxandrolone does not cause a significant increase in muscle mass. Therefore, it is advisable to take a course of Oxondrolon solo to achieve the drying effect and obtain a pronounced muscle relief. The recommended course duration is 8-12 weeks.

Oxandrolone in bodybuilding belongs to the group of anabolic steroids. Today, every self-respecting sports pharmacology company produces this drug. It was first created in the USA and has been used by athletes for fifty years.

The steroid does not significantly affect body weight, but increases strength, endurance and quick recovery after exercise, and this undoubtedly affects the results in a sports career. In bodybuilding, using this steroid, the athlete has muscle elasticity and clarity of relief.

This steroid is intended for those who are on the cutting. It is an excellent catalyst for fat reduction. Its use will allow the athlete to increase the effect of the level of growth hormone in the body, which is important in such a sport as bodybuilding.

The drug perfectly copes with inhibition in the process of protein breakdown in the body. To do this, most athletes use it between the main steroid cycles. The drug has 400% testosterone, no aromatization. The steroid is available in tablets. It has moderate liver toxicity.

Why Oxandrolone is the best in bodybuilding

The drug has two pronounced forms

  • Increase in strength indicators.
  • Has an anti-catabolic effect. The studies carried out also prove a slight burning of the fat layer.
  • Adequate application of the dosage will not bring any side effects.
  • It can be used in any age category, as well as gender.
  • For beginners or those who want to keep their muscles after a steroid cycle, then Oksana is exactly what will give positive results.

The use of oxandrolone in bodybuilding has become very popular, thanks to its qualities such as:

Why Oxandrolone is the best in bodybuilding
  • A significant increase in athletes’ muscle strength and endurance.
  • Increasing the elasticity and hardness of the muscles, giving it relief. Oxandrolone for relief is very effective.
  • Oxandrolone also has a pronounced fat-burning effect, and therefore oxandrolone for weight loss is not the worst option.
  • Lack of aromatization, which eliminates the possibility of gynecomastia and other secondary sexual characteristics.
  • Quite a low level of androgenicity and a high anabolism index. The anabolic index is the ratio of the level of anabolic activity (the process of increased protein production and muscle building) to androgenic activity (this is exactly the unpleasant process that causes secondary sexual characteristics, such as, or excessive body hair in women ). The ratio here is approximately 400% of testosterone for anabolic activity to 20-25% androgenic. The higher this index, the better for the athlete.
  • Low toxicity to the liver.
  • When using Oxandrolone, the work of the endocrine system is not suppressed.
  • Increased production of somatotropic hormone (growth hormone – somatotropin).
  • Oxandrolone is excellent for women, as it does not cause the manifestation of such unpleasant consequences for ladies as baldness or increased hairiness. And for female bodybuilders, this is by no means an important point, because rarely any more or less adequate madam will agree to exchange her beauty for a bunch of muscles, albeit very pretty and embossed.
  • The drug is used both for building dry muscles, and for burning excess fat and giving the muscles a beautiful relief.

Side effects

There are not so many side effects of this AAS, but they are still there, especially at high dosages, however, like any other drug. They are mainly aimed at reproductive function and libido. Possible negative effects include:

  • Decreased production of own testosterone.
  • Decreased libido.
  • Hepatotoxicity. Although it is quite low, there is also a negative effect on the liver.

Think carefully before using any chemicals. If you already have any disorders of the liver or genital organs before taking Oxandrolone, then it is better to immediately refuse the drug, and from anabolic steroids in general. In no case do not exceed the dosage and do not violate the instructions, then, most likely, all these problems will bypass you.